Finding Passion

I believe God has created each of us with a passion for something.  I believe that God has called us to use our passion in the world in a way that brings glory to Him.

As a mom, I hoped my sons would find their own God-given passion.  I wondered as I rocked them to sleep, what purpose God had created them for and why did He choose me to be their mama.

My oldest son, Max, has many gifts.  It has been a joy watching him unwrap them, hold them up to the light, inspect them from many angles, and then try them out.  We realized early on he had the gift of music.  He is able to play by ear.  Play a song for him, and he can play it back to you.  He has perfect pitch.  I remember when he was younger, he used to love to try and have us all sing four part harmony while we were driving.  He can play any instrument he picks up.  Seriously, any instrument.  When we went to “Try It Out Night” for band,  he could play them all. He is an accomplished trumpet player and he can play piano. The tone he has when he plays trumpet is beautiful.  It rings.  He can make that horn sing.  Many times through the years, his playing has brought me to tears.  He loves to arrange and write his own music.  He created his first arrangement when he was a fifth-grader.  He put several carols together for a Christmas medley for the Christmas concert.  He improvised a bit through them and it was magic.  All of these are gifts. All of these are accomplishments. While all of these gifts bring him joy, there is one gift that brings him more joy than the others–the bass guitar.

One summer, he decided to teach himself how to play bass guitar.  Since then, he has been playing with the praise team at school and the worship team at youth.  This past weekend was youth weekend.  He had to play Friday evening, all day Saturday, and for church this morning.  My husband and I have never been able to see him play bass with his groups, so we decided to go and hear him play this morning.

What I saw this morning took my breath away.  He has found his passion.  He has found his gift.  He is using his gift.  He is using it to point people to the Almighty.  He is using it to bring joy.  He is using it to worship.  He is using it to praise.

It was a very beautiful thing indeed.




10 thoughts on “Finding Passion

  1. What a gift he has! I’ve always enjoyed music, but never had talent to develop it. I am in awe of those who understand what those note represent and can translate them into music. Beautiful words today.

  2. Wow! It sounds like your son has been given some amazing gifts. I can only imagine how much it filled your heart to watch him with his praise band. Hopefully, you will get to watch him thousands more times!

  3. I too wonder how God will lead my children in their lives. I prayed for them before they were born, as I rocked them, as we played and laughed and cried. How wonderful that your son is using his gifts for God’s glory. Thanks for sharing.

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