The Show


I run up the stairs to grab my phone.  I want to take a picture of my messy desk for my SOLSC post.

“Erin, come here and check out the light show,” my husband calls out.

“Light show?”

“Yeah, come see.”

He pulls me out onto the back deck.  In the distance, the lightning is almost constant.  We are under a tornado watch until midnight.  It must be storming heavy about an hour north of us.  The lightning is relentless as it lights up the sky.  No one is out.  The street below is silent.

“It’s peaceful out here, in the dark, watching the show,” Scott says.

And it is.


The beauty of the light show was lost about 11:30 pm. when the hail beat relentlessly on the roof.  I was certain the roof would collapse.

Moral of the story:  Lightning is best enjoyed from afar.




I was observing in a third-grade classroom yesterday.  The teacher was showing the students how to write bio poems.  I thought this would make the perfect first slice.  



Competitive, Energetic, Positive

Lover of books, chocolate, and naps.  (family is a given!)

Who wonders if I’ll ever figure out how to not eat when I’m bored.

Who fears that I will miss the daily gifts God has for me because I can get too wrapped up in myself.

Who feels happy when I’m hugging or helping or reading with kids.

Who cares about finding the things to celebrate in others and honoring the process of growing.wp-1488332428996.jpg

Who dreams of finishing this 31 day writing challenge for the third year in a row, of having a clean desk, and organized books.

Who resides in Columbia, Missouri.