Sleeping late, no alarm
Breakfasting leisurely
Worshipping,  praising, praying
Lunching together around the table

Birthday cake with ice cream
Bits of work
Naps, naps, naps

Roast for dinner,  root veggies, lumpy mashed potatoes, rolls
Playing board games
Bathing puppy

Breathing deeply
Monday is coming



6 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. I’m always thinking about Monday coming on Sunday. We had a long conversation about this over dinner last night. Once Monday is here, it’s always fine, but it’s kind of the dread of Monday always surfaces Sunday.

  2. Amazing how a busy day can be summed up in such short phrases an voila, a poem! Even though you were busy busy, I sense contentment between the lines for this day of togetherness. Dinner sounded great!

  3. Such a perfect Sunday! I liked how you played with your words: beginning and ending with participles and in between the details emerged with your use nouns.

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