I am stealing an idea from Bev Baird.  Here is a link to her original slice.

I just had to try one of my own.  They say “copying” is the highest form of flattery.  🙂


Listening  to a car show blaring from the tv in the living room.  My father is “watching” it.  Buddy is at my feet, alternating panting from our walk and grooming his paws with his tongue.

Eating nothing.  I am waiting for my mother to come home with dinner after her Wal-Mart excursion.  The apple I ate for snack on the drive back has worn off.

Drinking a tall glass of water.  The glass is so cold the beads of water are forming and starting to slide down the slide of the glass.  Perfect!

Wearing jeans and an MU Tigers shirt.  Bright red toenail polish–I painted my toes this morning so I could wear flip flops today.  A band-aid is hiding the blister on my right foot.

Reading 59 Reasons to Write by Kate Messner and Gray Mountain by John Grisham.  A picture book is on the nightstand for before bed–Slow Loris.

Feeling refreshed after our walk.  It is such a beautiful afternoon.

Wanting a pair of ruby red slippers with heels I could click together and get me home and back to my Baker boys without having to drive for four hours tomorrow afternoon.

Needing to plan for my schools for Thursday and Friday.

Thinking of my boys, baseball, writing, and spring!

Enjoying just sitting here and catching my breath and my thoughts as they swirl around inside my head.


7 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Currently you are one busy lady, but you are in good company. I hope mom brought something good home from the store. I don’t know how you get it all done.

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