Morning Symphony


No one else is awake.

Just me and the cat.

She looks at me,

suspicion in her eyes.

Her feet tiptoe cautiously across the carpet.

Gentle sounds of sleep from the other room.

The dog readjusts and the jingling of his collar adds a little music to the otherwise stillness.

The sound of fingers greeting the keys, beginning their all-to-familiar dance across the keyboard floor add their music to voice to the morning.

The clock counts the seconds away.





The refrigerator adds its voice to the melody the morning is creating.

It is the morning symphony.


7 thoughts on “Morning Symphony

  1. You’ve created such a picture here – I can see you at your keyboard, and I laughed at the image of your cat looking at you suspiciously. I can hear the quiet sounds of early morning. This would make a nice mentor text for students to study the moment.

  2. You captured many of the sounds I am hearing right now, alone and awake early reading slices. I do have the drip from the faucet. I have to turn it on for my diva cat who likes a drippy drink. Nice to start my day with coffee and your poem.

  3. Erin,
    Love your morning symphony and chuckling about this “She looks at me, suspicion in her eyes.” What a role our pets play in our lives! (As in who is really in charge?) What a great start to the morning!

  4. It was great to start my morning with you “Morning Symphony”. Every home has it’s own. Ours are not dissimilar. I have dogs and no cat, but they are really the ones in charge. In fact, one is sitting at my feet right now, hoping I will get her breakfast.

  5. Does the cat have reasons to be suspicious of your intentions? 🙂
    The seemingly quiet has quite a bit of noise, but it takes a writer to bring them to the reader’s consciousness. You make me more aware of what surrounds me this morning. Truly a symphony.

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