The Gift

The sky is indigo to my right.  The sun just starting to make its appearance for the day.
I turn the corner out of my neighborhood and throw my foot on the brake.  Hard.  It takes my breath away.  I leave my car right where it is in the middle of the road.  Door open, phone in hand, fingers desperately trying to get the phone on and in camera mode.  Toby Mac is blasting to the sleeping neighbors from the speakers of my car.
“Oh man!  It’s majestic.”  I am in awe. The enormous ball of gold propped on the branches of the trees.
“Dear, Lord.  How can people see that and not recognize You? You out did yourself this morning.  It is breathtaking!  So very beautiful!”
The moon sits just above the branches of the trees.  I can’t take my eyes from it.  My fingers are stiff with cold as I try to take a picture.  I can’t seem to get the moon in focus.  It just doesn’t look as good on the screen as it does with my eyes.  My eyes see power.  The screen shows nothing of consequence.
I finally put the phone down and just enjoy the gift.
“Thank you, Lord.  That was an amazing way to start the day.  You are so good to me.”
Before I get to the highway, the moon has disappeared from the sky.  And it occurs to me, maybe God did keep it in the sky just long enough for me to enjoy.

4 thoughts on “The Gift

  1. Sometimes we are rewarded with a spectacular view when we have to leave so early. This sounds like a magical moment. Hope you had a good day..

  2. “You out did yourself this morning” is a favorite line. Your conversation with The Lord is so real. I am so glad we are able to freely speak with Him. Toby Mac – you go girl.

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