Sam had finally earned another lunch out.  We had planned for me to take him on Monday since I was actually going to be home.  All year long Max has been begging for us to include him on a lunch out.  Being a high schooler comes with many priveledges, but lunches out are not one of them.  My husband and I have firmly said, “No,” each time as it would require Max to miss class time. However, Scott is out of town and so…I gave in.


“Good Morning, Miss Maggie.  I need Max, please.  He has an appointment.  I also need Sam for a lunch out.”

“Well, that worked out well for you.”

“It did, didn’t it.” At this point, I start to feel a little guilty for not telling the whole truth.  But he is my son.  I should be able to take him when I want him. But guilt wins.

I lean closer to Maggie and whisper, “Max does have a very important appointment–with his mom and little brother…for a lunch out date.  Don’t tell.”

Maggie smiles conspiratorially, “I won’t.”

Max walks confidently down the hall, trying not to look too excited.  I toss him the keys to the car.  We meet Sam in the parking lot and speed away.  Away from rules and structure to rebellion and freedom.

Forbidden cheeseburgers and blizzards have never tasted so good.



7 thoughts on “Stealing

  1. How wonderful that you were able to share lunch with both Max and Sam! They will both remember this time spent together – especially being able to get out of school.

  2. I shouldn’t be encouraging dishonestly or time out from classes, should I? I don’t care – good for you guys!! This Slice made me smile. So glad you stole some time with your boys.

    Love the last line. And the title, too!

  3. This reminded me of my school days, when my Mom would write a note “She doesn’t feel well” and leave off the final clause – “about going to school”. My Mom always let us have one or two “just because” days, believing we needed a break from the structure. Sounds like a special lunch with your sons!

  4. I’ve been a teacher for 34 years. Kids are going to remember getting to leave school to have lunch with family way longer than they are going to remember that science lesson on energy. I say go for it. Build those memories!

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