Writing is…

putting yourself out there for others to see

opening your soul for others to comment on

ignoring the voice in your head that shrieks, “You can’t do this!”

Writing is not…






Finding your writing voice is like hanging your undies on the line to dry,

It makes you vulnerable.

Will they read it?

What will they think?

And then…

“These lines are so precious”

“Cheering you on”

“You captured the anticipation”

Words more precious than gold.

And you think

Maybe this… is possible


4 thoughts on “Possible

  1. You know, we are always told we have to encourage our students but we often forget to encourage our colleagues. We aren;t so different from the kids we teach.

  2. I love the way you describe “Finding your writing voice is like hanging your undies on the line to dry.” It makes me smile! That truly is vulnerable. But, it sounds like you found the joy of comments yesterday – I think they may well be my favorite part of “Slicing”! Other eyes help us see the delight of our words. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yup, that voice does shriek but you have to ignore it and when you put those words out there someone always finds something good in them. That’s what Katherine Bomer talked about, finding the hidden gems in writing. Your writing doesn’t hide the gems, your words/message are shining brightly for all to see and enjoy. 🙂

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