Goodbye or Hello

My biggest dream, when I was a little girl, was to have a house full of kids. I had read the book “Cheaper By the Dozen” and felt a dozen sounded about right. I have always wanted to be a mom. Needless to say, the day I discovered I was carrying my first baby, I was in love.  My dream was coming true.

Thursday of this week we leave to take that young man, who I swear just yesterday I held in my arms and rocked to sleep, to college. He chose a college that Google says is “6 hours and 31 minutes away”, however, we have yet to make it in that time. It goes without saying, I am having a hard time saying, “Goodbye”. This past week has been all about saying goodbye for him. Goodbye to friends. Goodbye to grandparents.  Goodbye to church family. Right now, he and his brother are playing Fortnite with their friends they went to preschool with. (It is amazing to me these four boys are still friends after all these years.) And yet, this is another goodbye.

Today I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I came across a friend’s post where she had shared this link:

(You really need to take a minute to read this! It’s fabulous!) Talk about perfect timing.

As I was reading this, I realized I am reacting in fear instead of living in faith. I need to put Max in the water “so that God can draw him from the water for His great purpose”.  Talk about changing my perspective. So this blog post is my line in the sand. From this moment on, I refuse to listen to the lies of the enemy and live in fear. Lies and fear are not from God. Instead, I will put my faith and trust in my Heavenly Father who loves Max even more than I do. He has a perfect plan for him. I just have to put Max in the car, drive him to Nashville, and wait for God to draw him out.

Goodbye, Fear.

Hello, Faith.



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