Easter Is An Awesome Holiday

Wednesday of this week I was observing writing in a school I work with.  I was lucky enough to be present for this kindergarten writing lesson.  The teacher and the class composed a sentence together about Easter–Easter is an awesome holiday.   She wrote the sentence and placed it on the white board.  Then, she asked the children to group up and compose a sentence with their group that tells why Easter is an awesome holiday and write their sentence on their own sentence strip.

The children quickly grouped up and started talking.  They had many wonderful reasons why Easter is such an awesome holiday.  The teacher circulated among the groups and when a group decided on their sentence, they gathered a sentence strip and a marker and headed for the tables to write their sentence.

As you can imagine, many of the sentences were about eggs.  (The primary was having an Easter egg hunt on the playground that very afternoon.)  However, one sentence stood out. It was not about eggs.  It was about why we celebrate Easter in the first place.  I thought the girls who wrote this sentence did a nice job expressing their thinking.


For those who aren’t experts at reading kindergarten writing, the sentence says, “Jesus came back on Easter.”

Ir hit me as I sat there watching their passion for telling their sentence, these little girls understand Easter is not just about eggs, bunnies, and candy.  They understand the significance of Sunday morning.  I was washed anew in my realization of how dark life would be if I didn’t have the hope of Easter morning to center my life.

Jesus came back on Easter.

And for that, we sinners in the world are forever grateful.



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