They sit

Up there

I’m down here

I want up there

I stand

I scratch

I beg

Finally, he lets me up

He places me on his lap

I’m so excited, I cover him with kisses

His nose

His neck

His chin

His eyes

His forehead

She is scratching his head

I can do that, too

I use my paws

I walk across his face

I keep kissing

She is laughing

I kiss more

I find more places on this face I haven’t kissed yet and I kiss them all

I love these humans of mine

I am training them well.



(I wish I could have captured this with my camera, but I was laughing too hard.)




One thought on “Training

  1. Oh yeah, the training is well under way. I had to read this a couple of times. The first time I was confused, wondering whose voice this is. Then I got to the bottom and might have let out a groan when I realized the narrator. Then I had to read it again, just to enjoy the voice of Miss Rosie. Well done, Erin! Such a fun poem!

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