Man Vs. Tree

When we bought the house, my mother-in-law exclaimed, “What a beautiful tree!”

It was a beautiful tree, but last spring, a big limb came crashing down, leaving the tree lopsided.20160305_105945

I took Rosie out to potty.  The wind was gusting across the yard.  I heard the tree creaking with the wind.  I watched the remaining branch bend with the force of the blow.

“Scott, we need to cut that tree down.  It is going to crash on our house.”



20160306_093449Today was the day to cut down the tree.

We set up the ladders.


We sent the oldest son up onto the roof to push the branches so we could cut them.20160306_093840

We got out Grandpa’s legendary chainsaw.

We tried to start it.







I called my dad.

“Check the spark plug.  If it is wet, it won’t start.”

I disassembled the chainsaw.  I found the spark plug.  We pulled it out.  It was wet. 20160306_105017

I drove to the store to buy a new spark plug.  I drove home.

I inserted the new spark plug and reassembled the chainsaw.   Scott pulled the cord.




Boys return inside to homework and chores.  Scott and I clean up the yard.

Looks like Tree won Round 1.




5 thoughts on “Man Vs. Tree

  1. I hate those pull-to-start tools! They never start for me. That is a sad looking tree, but do you think it’s gloating just a little over the fails? Hope the wind blows it away from the house.

  2. Well, I hope you win the next round. I have never had to deal with spark plugs and cutting down trees. That is my husband’s area of expertise. I would probably end up taking out the rest of our house. LOL. I enjoyed your funny slice.

  3. Erin,
    I would score it Machine- 0, tree-1. Man is not responsible for the failure of machines! Could be lots of issues with the chainsaw as in the fuel mixture is no longer good . . . and many others!

    Effort was 4 stars!!!!

  4. It’s hard not to pull for the tree. My husband looks at any old tree and thinks, “That should come down; it’s going to land on (the roof, the powerline, etc.).” I have a lot of trouble making the decision. Good luck!

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