Today I wanted to celebrate the little and big things from this week.  Yesterday’s post was a bit of a downer.  I want to shift my focus today.

Today I celebrate…
-Walmart shopping is finished.
-the transmission fluid on my car has been changed.
-I purchased the new tile for my kitchen floor!
-3 loads of laundry are finished.
-the first week of March is over.
– a sweet friend bought me a book!
-I took my favorite 6-year old birthday shopping.
-Sam and Max both took music pieces to competition and performed their best.
-Sam was able to find Oshie after he took himself for a hop around the yard.
-one of my former students (currently an eigth-grader) wrote a paper and it won first place in the state in a competition for high schoolers.  Now she is off to compete internationally!
-it’s sunny, 60°, and flip-flops are on my feet.



2 thoughts on “Celebrate

  1. Yay to the happier tone of the day! You crack me up with the flip flops. 🙂 I with the lovely weather would continue and never look back on winter. Fingers crossed!

  2. Yay! You reminded me to run downstairs and move the wet laundry to the dryer. I loved the flip flop comment. I can’t wait for flip flop weather. 🙂

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