Since last March

1Since last March, I’ve been to the beach.

Beach for a house,

beach for sea turtle nests,

beach for family walks over the sand scouring for ocean treasures,

beach of laughter and memories.


Since last March, my “baby” turned sixteen.2

Sixteen and buying his first car,

sixteen and his first wreck,

sixteen and his first car totaled,

sixteen and buying his second car.


3Since last March, I’ve said good-bye.

good-bye to my sweet Lucy,

good-bye to my good boy, Charlie,

good-bye to family friends from my childhood.



Since last March, I’ve said hello.4

hello to new friends,

hello to new schools,

hello to Rosie (our newest family member).


Hello, March.

It’s time to write!









11 thoughts on “Since last March

  1. Erin,
    I love this format. Wow! So many events to celebrate “since last March” (well maybe not wrecking the first car)! I can’t wait to test it out during thinking time!

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