SOLA friend of mine, Elsie, used this word in her blog yesterday.  She said we should not panic about starting this 31 days of writing, but we should instead “savor the writing”.  I loved the feeling the word evoked in me.  I see the first bite of a decadent  piece of chocolate souffle on a fork, about to touch my tongue.  The excitement. The anticipation. The joy as that soufflechocolate souffle makes contact.  Delight.

What do I savor in life?  In each day?  Why don’t I spend more time savoring instead of rushing through?  It might be March 2, but I think I finally found my one little word for the year.

Oh well, better late than never.

7 thoughts on “Savor

  1. I love the word “savor”. It seems like life just rushes by so quickly. I will take your word and “savor” the snow day I have today (while my own kids are at school- LOL)

  2. Love that “savoring a decadent piece of chocolate” . . . I’m still savoring your post from yesterday. I loved the format but couldn’t find the pictures I was looking for. Hmmm . . . more organization needed there! Thanks for the “Since Last March” clever idea!

  3. Aw, thanks Erin! I love that word too and try to keep it close when I’m enjoying something. Mmmm, chocolate souffle, now that’s something to savor.

  4. Perfect word! It’s part of my blog name for that exact reason, to enjoy each word. I loved how you connected to another blog, the connection you made to inspire your thinking. Then, you changed the actual act of savoring (delicious!) to enjoying moments in our day. Savoring is reflecting. Delightful!

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