I have been trying to get some walking time in every day.  Today I brought my camera along so you could take a walk with me.

20150630_094730  Charlie and Lucy are a little impatient at how slowly we are getting started.  “Speed it up a little,” says Luce.

20150630_095049  Finally, we are at the park.

20150630_095335 Head down the path.  There is a surprise at the top of the hill.

20150630_095351 Stop and notice the beauty of the field as we walk up the hill.  It looks so inviting.  I love imagining the rabbits who make their home in that field.

20150630_095432 Aren’t these pretty?  They are so delicate.  I have no idea what they are truly called, but I call them Chinese feather dusters.  Chinese because they are red, delicate, and they remind me of calligraphy pens.

20150630_095450_HDR  SURPRISE!  There is a pond at the top of the hill.  I wonder if we will see any frogs or turtles this morning?  Or perhaps a glimpse of the fish from Sam’s fish tank he relocated here last week.  🙂

20150630_095648 Aren’t these purple flowers regal?

20150630_095514 Or how about the Queen Anne’s lace?  Whenever I see these flowers I remember my grandmother.  She had these on her farm and I would collect handfuls of them to fill up her vases in the summer when we would visit.  She would always exclaim they were her favorite.

20150630_095738 There is something so happy about daisies. I imagine them cheering me on as I walk, saying, “Yay, you’re back.  So good to see you this morning.”

20150630_095918 I don’t know what kind of berry this is.  It looks like a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry.  But look how it is surrounded by “leaves of three”.  I think I will let them be.

20150630_100130 Just missed capturing the snake with the camera that slithered past.  I guess he was on a morning “wriggle”.

20150630_100208 This is “Deer Hill”.  Often you will see a few munching as you walk past.  Not today, though.

20150630_100225 Look how this spiderweb is shaped like a bowl.  Wow!

20150630_100428 These are some of the biggest leaves I have ever seen.  What is this plant?

20150630_100714 Stop and gather some dandelions for Oshie.  These aren’t allowed in our yard and they are his FAVORITE!

20150630_100835 Time to head home.  Our footprints linger just a bit longer at the park.  Thanks for coming on my walk with me.


6 thoughts on “Walk

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  2. So much to notice and capture on a walk. I felt like I was ambling along side of you. Observations from my walks have found their way into many slices. The berries are black raspberries and good plan to leave them be! I hope Oshie appreciated his fresh picked treat.

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