How to Walk A Rabbit


On Wednesday, March 18, we added a new member to our pack.  My son’s fifth-grade class rabbit had babies and the students were able to adopt a bunny with parental consent. (Side note, only parents who really love their children, or who aren’t thinking clearly because they are so tired from driving or feeling guilty from being gone would give consent to bringing home a bunny. You might want to check your mental state before you agree to such a folly.) Oshie (named after St. Louis Blues Hockey player TJ Oshie, the one who made the shootout goals in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games against Russia that gave the US the gold) is now a member of the Baker zoo.  Our total list of pets is one husband, two boys, two dogs, assorted fish, and one bunny.  Ha!

We were told by the vet to take Oshie for walks.  It will keep his nails shorter.  So, Sam and I went to buy a rabbit leash. (Did you even know there is such a thing?)  Getting Oshie into the leash is not an easy feat.  I have dedicated this post to all of you rabbit lovers out there who want to take your rabbit for a walk.  (Is there even one of you out there?  Please tell me I’m not alone in this!)

Before you get started, you need to know this is a two person job.  One person holds the rabbit and tries to keep him calm. This person is truly taking their life into their own hands.  The second person manoeuvres the leash around the rabbit’s paws.  This job is also risky, but is a tad safer because you won’t get scratched.

First, you need a leash.  Notice that the leash has two circles. Put the rabbit through both loops so the loops are resting in between the front and hind legs.


Next, you need to pull each of the front paws through one side of the bottom loop.  Watch your fingers.  Rabbits don’t like this part and will bite if they have an opportunity.


Finally, you need to pull down the clasp and tighten the leash around the rabbit.  Be careful not to pull the clasp down and catch the rabbit’s long mane hair; however, you need to make sure the clasp is secure and tight or the rabbit will get out of his leash and hop away.  Rabbits can be very tricky to catch.  They also don’t like this and will bite if given the opportunity.


Now your rabbit is ready to go for a walk– if you have enough blood left in your body to get him out the door without passing out. While walking outside, don’t let him eat any wood mulch, hide under the deck, or eat certain leaves. This can cause the rabbit to become very sick and possibly even die. Happy walking!


The things a mother does for her son!


3 thoughts on “How to Walk A Rabbit

  1. Yes, the things we do for our sons when we are tired, feeling guilty, want them to be happy……I must admit I never did this! I am confident I would have said, “No,” at least initially. But, I am confident that if the stars were lined up so in his fifth grade class, the tired, guilty, want them to be happy, want them to have experiences part of me might have said, “Ummm,” which would have been interpreted as a “Ok.”

  2. Sounds a bit like a Laura Numeroff book, If a School Pet Has Babies happening in your world. What part of this is was a good idea? At least if I were insane enough to get a rabbit, I know who to turn to for advice. Right now rabbits are persona non gratis in our yard.

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