My sons are 15 and 11.  They are not on social media yet.  They are probably the only two in the world their age who aren’t, but what can I say, I am a protective mom.  They had no idea I had been blogging about them.  They had no idea these blogs are linked to my facebook account for all of my friends and family to enjoy.  I am not sure how they found out.  My husband must have let it slip or something. It doesn’t matter.  Now they know.  Sam, my youngest, is not too happy about it.

“Mom, are you going to blog about me again today?”

“I don’t know.  Why?”

“I’ve decided you will owe me $3 every time you write about me.”

My husband bursts out laughing.  “Three dollars?  What’s the deal with $3?”

“Fine,” Sam fires back.  “Two dollars then.”

“Two dollars, you are going the wrong way, Jack!”  My husband is laughing harder now.

“Sam, I hate to break it to you, but I am not paying you squat!  And I will be blogging about this conversation!”


8 thoughts on “Caught

  1. This was very funny! My kids are younger – oldest is only 9 – but I’ve been photographing them since they were little and sharing on my photography website, etc. Some of my high school students know my photography work and so when I took my sons to school the other night, my sons were treated like they were celebrities! Lol.

  2. I have a picture of my daughter when she was three that I show when I do poetry presentations. She keeps kidding me that she wants royalties!

  3. That’s the cost of living with you, right? I had the same issue with Mike for a while. I constantly got the question, “Are you going to write about that?” Now he points out possible topics, even offering suggestions of word choice. So funny!

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