Today I have been a mom that broke all the “rules” of Spring Break–according to my boys.

I started last night when I made them go to bed at 11:30.  horrors

I put a limit on how many sodas they could drink today.

I made them carry 6 bags each of potting soil down the hill to the backyard.

I said, “No” to getting chickens.

I made them go to the dentist for their biannual cleaning.

I didn’t let them play games on my phone while they were waiting for their turn at the dentist and instead made them read Boys Life Magazine.

I refused to take them out to lunch and instead made them eat leftover pizza for lunch.

I didn’t fold their laundry for them after I washed and sorted it.

I made Sam call the vet and make his own appointment for his rabbit’s nail trim.

I put vegetables in the spaghetti sauce we had for dinner.

I used the crockpot to cook dinner instead of cooking “homemade”.

I wonder what horrors I can inflict upon them tomorrow??


5 thoughts on “Horrors

  1. Horrors! Love it! I hope they fold that wash for YOU! I’m so glad you have someone else trim the rabbit’s nails! Can’t even begin to imagine doing that job myself.
    My kids thrived on a bootcamp model like this during Spring Break. We never had a lot of money, I mean, I’m a teacher! But they learned to love the slow-down, do-it-yourself way of life. Lots of lessons there! Great post!

  2. Wow! What a horrible day your boys have had! Ha! Ha! 🙂 I thought today’s post might be tales from the garden. So sad they had to eat leftover pizza for lunch and spaghetti made in the crockpot. Life is tough, hope tomorrow is better for them.

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