The weather will be 69 and partly sunny


The frame for my raised garden will be carried down the hill to the back yard


I will spread flat the weed blocker material


I will build the raised bed


I will fill it with 12 bags of soil


I will divide the bed into 25 squares


I will plant the blueberry bushes


I will sow the bib lettuce and spinach seeds

It is hard to wait for tomorrow


10 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. Enjoy the 69 and sunny! We, too, are looking down 71. Can’t wait. Hope your garden and writing life yields much.
    Darla & Jen

  2. Tomorrow you will need some Ibuprofen in the evening and boys to wait on you hand and foot. What an ambitious project! I hope you will have veggies a plenty by the time of staff meeting in the summer. 🙂 I hope you have better luck with the blueberries than I did, they never survived.

  3. Erin,
    This sounds so warm. Since it was in the 20s last night, this is not even in my next month of tomorrows! It will take many, many warm days before I am ready to put any plants outside. Our spring weather is just too darned changeable!

    Love this format! May literally be borrowing for tomorrow!

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  5. The format of your post is very fun to read, it makes wonder and anticipate what’s to come at the end of each line. I have been seeing a lot about raised beds recently. I’m wondering if its appeal is less weeding, less spreading or over growth into the yard or the sore backs that’s made them so popular?

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