I’m trying to think of a moment.

A moment worthy of a slice.

There were lots of little moments today.

Days are filled with a kaleidoscope of moments.

Some moments are so sparkly, shiny you want to hold them up for everyone to admire.

Some moments are darker and you have to look closely to see the way the colors swirl together in layers blending in and out of one another to find the beauty.

Some moments are clear, transparent and you wonder if they were real at all or if your mind is playing tricks on you and they didn’t really even happen.

Some moments are sharp and threatening. They cause deep damage if not handled carefully.

Some moments are soft, gentle, butterfly kiss moments. They are the moments that nurture your soul and linger with you. These are the moments you take out and hold again, admiring them from all sides, soaking up their sweetness when you need an affirmation.

So many moments.

Tonight I can’t choose just one.

What kind of moments did you have today?




8 thoughts on “Moments

  1. Kaleidoscope of moments, what a perfect way to describe moments of the day. I love how you took each moment and examined it for the type it was. You are such a deep thinker.

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