I didn’t know I was going to miss you,

When you were gone for two days.

I would call and check on you,

And each day they told me you were getting better, but not quite ready to come home.

I waited for an hour yesterday evening,

And they wouldn’t bring you out.

I thought of you, alone, in a cage, surrounded by sounds of other animals,

And I worried you were afraid I had left you.

But finally, they brought you out,

Walking on a leash.

I picked you up and held you tight,

Your tongue giving rough kisses to my cheek.


I sit with you and hold you,

Softly stroking your white fur.

I am waiting for you to show me signs of the playful puppy you were

Before I took you in.

I let you and Rudy outside to do your business,

As I walk back to clean off my stacks from the desk.

I hear a bark and turn around.

I see you and Rudy on the deck,

Mouths open over each other’s necks, paws on paws, your tail wags.

You are finally coming home.



5 thoughts on “Home

  1. I’m guessing she had a minor surgery? I hate thinking of my little four-legged friend in a cage. Glad you got to bring her home and life is getting back to normal for both of you.

  2. This brought tears to my eyes. I too worry about my pets when they are in those cages, even for a grooming. My vet tells me that I treat them too much like humans. I can’t help otherwise.

  3. What a beautiful poem! You certainly stirred emotions in this pet owner. That ending line is just perfect!

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