Good bye

The boys learned to walk on you.

We made cookies and birthday cakes and muffins on you.

Family meals were shared on you.

Pumpkins became jack-o-lanterns on you.


We have danced on you.

Nerf gun wars were fought on you.

Balls were bounced on you.

Occasions were celebrated on you.


You held our cleats,

Our rainboots,

Our snowboots,

My flip-flops.


gym bags,

book bags,




Dogs have peed on you.

Paint has spilled on you.

Water coolers have leaked all over you.


There is a gash in you from when we got the new refrigerator that we have to hide with a rug.wp-1459216268115.jpg

You are curling up under the cabinets.

You are stained.

You have served us well.


But I am thrilled to be saying, “Good bye!” to you.




9 thoughts on “Good bye

  1. Erin,
    This was a fun piece to read…and kept me guessing and rethinking with each line. My favorite line: “you are curling up under the cabinets.” When I stop to think about it, floors are a pretty big part of our lives. Thanks for allowing me to “walk” on your floor along with you. Hope you enjoy what’s to come!

  2. New flooring for the dogs to break in! Clever poem, I had a hard time putting the pieces together, revising as I was reading. I hope the new floor goes in quickly and no undiscovered disasters await.

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