Sam was watching the Cardinal’s game.

Max was getting ready.

I was sitting at the kitchen table, nose in my phone, waiting for Max so we could run errands.

Bank:  withdraw $60

School:  complete registration for basketball camp and give them the $60

Library:  pick up holds and check out new Peanuts comic book for Sam

License Bureau: pick up rule book for driver’s examination

Kolten Wong makes an amazing play at second.  The announcers go crazy.  Sam starts screaming.  Max runs from his bedroom.  I look up.  Sam rewinds the tv and replays the play for us.

It was an amazing catch.  The boys linger in the beauty of Wong’s catch.  The tv continues to a commercial break.

I’m instantly drawn into the commercial.  The announcer’s voice pulls me into his story as images flash before me.

I look over at Max.

I see his life flash before my eyes.

He turns 16 tomorrow.

My heart is a bass drum, thudding against my chest.

I blink as my eyes cloud over.

Breathe, I whisper.

Just breathe.


4 thoughts on “Flash

  1. It happens so fast, and you wonder where did the time go. Yes, it is a flash! Prepare your heart for that bass drum thumping over and over.

  2. That’s awesome. Time seems to fly by faster and faster. I remember getting my driver’s manual for my test. I don’t even want to know what I would score on that test now.

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