Two Nap Day

I slept well the night before. Yet I came home from church yesterday afternoon exhausted. I shouldn’t have been exhausted. The services went well. I had plenty of volunteers. There were no issues. However, I could not stop yawning. I walked in the door and went straight to bed. I slept for about twenty minutes.

After my nap and lunch, I took Sam to Kohl’s to exchange some clothes I had bought for him Friday. (I completely bought the wrong size, but we will save that conversation for a future blog post.) That adventure took about an hour and forty-five minutes. (Sam is NOT a fast shopper!) I started reading a book when we returned. I read about six pages and realized I could not keep my eyes open. I went back to bed. This time I slept for over an hour.

The lesson in Kidcrest yesterday was based on Psalm 90:12. “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” The focus was on spending our time wisely. I failed miserably! Thank goodness our God is the God of second chances.



No Broccoli?

We went to Red Lobster for dinner tonight. I ordered the salmon with a baked potato and broccoli.

“I’m sorry,” said the waiter. “There is a broccoli shortage across America and we don’t have broccoli right now.”

“What?” I thought. “A broccoli shortage? Seriously? I guess that is why I couldn’t find broccoli at Hy-Vee last week.”

“I’ll take the asparagus then, please,” I smiled and replied.

Max ordered lobster dip, Sam the lobster pizza, and Scott lobster with asparagus.

A few minutes later, the waiter returned bringing more good news.

“I’m sorry to say we only have one serving of asparagus left. Both of you ordered asparagus. Who would like to choose something else?  We have rice pilaf.”


I guess next year I need to plant broccoli with my tomatoes.


Friend Day

I spent the morning with my friend who had surgery a few weeks back. She has a long road still to go, but this morning we talked and laughed. I listened to her. She listened to me. We both listened for the crazy squirrels “attacking” her house. The morning flew by.

This afternoon, I helped another friend talk through her literacy instruction. We talked about what she had accomplished since beginning in August. We talked about where she wanted to go. We talked books and possibilities. Before we knew it, it was after 5:00.

Too often I spend my days focused on completing my to-do list. Many days my life is filled with work. Today I chose people over work. I need more days like today in my life.

My Newest Time Waster

I have always been a big fan of HGTV and the DIY Network. I get HGTV magazine and enjoy looking at all the featured living spaces. Sunday night I was scrolling through Facebook, and an ad caught my attention. I stopped and looked more closely at the featured game. I ended up following the link to the App Store and downloading the game. Since Sunday, I have been playing Design Home every chance I get. I am hooked! In the game, you choose your design assignment. Then you buy furniture and accessories to complete the assignment. Other players vote on your creation. You earn stars for each vote you get. If your room earns four or five stars, you win fabulous prizes! If you enjoy decorating and designing, this game is for you. Then you can join me in wasting time you don’t have playing a very addicting game!

Apple Pie Day

Every fall, my family goes apple picking. In our family, Apple Picking Day is always followed by Apple Pie Day. The best Apple Pie Day occurred about 16 years ago. We had been to Eckert’s Orchard in Illinois with my husband’s family. We picked TONS of apples that day. After apple picking, we returned to my in-laws’ house. That afternoon, my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and I made 15 apple pies. Some of the pies we made we baked and ate that day. Others, we froze and ate later.

This year we were not able to enjoy Apple Picking Day. (The day we had planned to go apple picking it was TOO hot. We decided to stay home instead.) Scott and Sam have been itching for Apple Pie Day. Because of this, I decided to celebrate a new day today: “Buy Apples at Hy-Vee Day”.  (It went much faster than Apple Picking Day. ) After buying my apples, I came home and began celebrating Apple Pie Day. I made two pies today. The smells of cinnamon, apples, nutmeg, and sugar have permeated my house. We will cut into one of the pies when Sam finishes his homework. I hope he finishes soon!


My Small Corner of the World

Max thinks in music.  He hears melodies, harmonies, layers of sounds.

Sam thinks in sports. He knows players, statistics for teams, records, and facts for college football, MLB, NBA, and NFL.

Scott thinks in 80’s music. He knows songs, bands, players, and other trivia.

Dad thinks in cars. He can recognize a car, give you the history of the model, and tell you the good and bad about it.

My aunt thinks in color. She can “see” how things should be when decorating a house or putting together an outfit. Colors, patterns, textures all come together for her in unique ways.

Mom and I think in books. We speak of titles, authors, quotes, themes, and series. Characters are old friends.

I have a friend who can build anything, a friend who looks at complex problems in a situation and can present the steps for solving the problem. I have a friend who creates beauty and organization from chaos and a friend who can paint pictures with words.

My small corner of the world is filled with people I love who are nothing like me. They don’t look like me or think like me.

But we laugh the same.

We love the same, here in my small corner of the world.



A Sneak Peek

Last Sunday, Max and I went to his senior picture photo shoot. I had scheduled an appointment with Jessica White from Love Tree Studios. She shot our family pictures last year. We loved how she captured our family and knew we wanted her to capture Max. I already blogged about how I cried while the photos were being shot, so it will be no surprise for you to read I cried when I opened this teaser in my text messages. I knew they were going to be good, but I wasn’t prepared for this.


Oh, how I love this boy!