Jesus lover

Loved to tease her brother while he played basketball

Smile that dazzled








Used by God in a mighty way




Now dancing with Jesus.


I want to be brave like Lizzy!




No Wifi

“Please pardon our progress as we update our WiFi.”

When I read the sign attached to the hotel room door, I didn’t realize that meant NO WiFi.

I guess a web break is on the agenda for tonight. More book time for me🤗


I have a thing for paper towels. I come by it honestly. I inherited it from my father. He ALWAYS has a paper towel nearby. I don’t like drying my hands on a dishtowel. It feels dirty. I use paper towels for everything! And, truth be told, I am a paper towel snob. I only like certain brands and certain looks. I want my paper towel to be soft, thick, and plain white. No designs for me!

This morning I used the last ones on the roll before I was ready to leave. I went out to the garage to grab some more off the freezer. As I was coming back inside, I remembered I had also used the last tissue, so I pivoted back toward the door in my socks and stepped. Something happened in that moment. I guess my foot slipped, but all of a sudden I missed the stairs to the garage and ended up on the concrete floor instead, just missing the hood of my car and the tool bench.  Graceful I am not!

I am now sporting several dark purple bruises and am a bit tender in places. The last time I fell I was running. After falling, I decided running was too dangerous and gave it up. (Honestly, I was looking for an excuse and it seemed like a sound one.)  I don’t think paper towels and tissues are dangerous, but I will need to be more careful in the future–or at least get more sleep at night so I can walk in the morning without falling. Ha!



Annie the Therapy Dog

Annie is a therapy dog who comes to school with a teacher I work with. Today was the first day I met Annie. I was in her owner’s room coaching writing workshop when I felt a nose against my leg. Annie had left her crate to give me a thorough checking over. Then, she laid down on the floor next to me.

At 11:00, I went to another classroom to coach. The teacher mentioned today was the day the therapy dog came in. While I was coaching, I felt a nose nudging my leg gently. I bent down and gave Annie’s head a scratch. Annie wandered the classroom and I lost track of her as I watched the teacher confer.

I stretched my legs out underneath the table, and my foot hit something. Annie. Curled up at my feet sleeping. I guess she figured I needed more therapy today than the kids. 😊

To-Do List

Today was one of those days where my to-do list was longer than the hours in the day.

  • plan menus
  • go to Hy-Vee
  • pick up prescriptions
  • get gas
  • go to work
  • do laundry
  • fix dinner
  • plan 3 lessons for modeling
  • help Sam with Google Slides
  • help Max with senior stuff
  • bake snack for small group tomorrow night
  • clean kitchen floor
  • write blog post
  • set up the dog fence
  • do expenses
  • answer emails from Friday
  • write monthly reports from last week

I enjoy being able to check things off the list. Checking things off motivates me to keep going. That’s why I put EVERYTHING on my to-do list. Thankfully it snowed so I couldn’t do the dog fence. One less thing. Hubby did laundry. He is my hero! But the lessons. I’m a perfectionist. If I am going to model, I like to know where the class has been and prepare my thinking and the lesson. This takes time. Time I don’t have tonight. I need to make a choice: continue plugging away until it is perfect or call it good and let it go allowing myself thirty minutes of my nose in a book before bed?

What would you choose?



We fight them when we are young.

We scorn them when we are tweens.

We crave them when we are adults.


Yesterday I finished work early.20180308_1444461442538454.jpg

I returned home and put on jammies.

I nestled on the couch under my favorite blanket.

I intended on doing work.

But the blanket was too cozy.

The couch was too soft.

An hour and a half later I woke up.

Some might say the nap was too long.





There is something


In being known by another.

Really known.

He knows my thoughts.

He reads my expressions.

He knows my preferences.

He appreciates my passions.

He understands my quirkiness.

He laughs at my mixed up language.

“You’re treading on thin ice.”


Being known…

It’s magical.




I didn’t know I was going to miss you,

When you were gone for two days.

I would call and check on you,

And each day they told me you were getting better, but not quite ready to come home.

I waited for an hour yesterday evening,

And they wouldn’t bring you out.

I thought of you, alone, in a cage, surrounded by sounds of other animals,

And I worried you were afraid I had left you.

But finally, they brought you out,

Walking on a leash.

I picked you up and held you tight,

Your tongue giving rough kisses to my cheek.


I sit with you and hold you,

Softly stroking your white fur.

I am waiting for you to show me signs of the playful puppy you were

Before I took you in.

I let you and Rudy outside to do your business,

As I walk back to clean off my stacks from the desk.

I hear a bark and turn around.

I see you and Rudy on the deck,

Mouths open over each other’s necks, paws on paws, your tail wags.

You are finally coming home.



I’m coaching a teacher who is teaching guided reading. I look up from my typing and gasp.

“No way! That looks like snow! It can’t be snow, can it?” I wonder.

Yup. It’s snow. Not cool Mother Nature!