Monday Night Treasure


This summer we put our house on the market.  Before we could put it on the market, we had to “declutter”.  (Basically, that meant packing up a ton of my books, craft supplies, professional books, clothes, and yarn. The boys just had to basically pack up their drums and hide some guitars.)  The house did not sell.  Now I get to unpack it all.  Joy!

Because I do have quite of bit of “treasures” I have collected over the years, I have decided to seize this as an opportunity to see if some of my treasures should be trashed, shared with others, or returned to my stash.  Tonight as I was unpacking one of my many boxes, I came across a stuffed three-ring binder.  It looked familiar, but I couldn’t remember what was inside.  I opened the cover and started flipping through.  Symmetry paintings and drawings tumbled out.  Page after page of super heroes, cars, sports players all drawn by Sam when he was in kindergarten and first grade.  The pictures made me smile.  I remember he used to draw those pictures all the time.

I decided to sit down and enjoy the pictures.  I flipped to the beginning and was surprised to see his books.  Sheet protector after sheet protector containing books written by Sam when he was three or four.  I pulled them out one by one to enjoy them. I was in awe.  I had forgotten about his books.  How had I forgotten I had these gems?  I wanted to share one of them here with you.


The Pumpkin Patch/You can make pumpkin pie/You can make pumpkin cider/You can make pumpkin bread The End Bye Bye

These books were such a surprise for me tonight.  I am so glad I had the foresight to save them. The books reminded me of our days together when he was in preschool. I was my sons’ preschool teacher.  How fortunate I was to spend the days with them, to enjoy watching them grow and discover all they could do and the world had to offer.  They were good days.  Hard days, but good days.  (If you have never been your child’s teacher before, it is really hard.  Definitely not for the faint of heart!) It stinks that those days go by so fast.  Yet they feel endless at the same time.  I was always tired.  Always cleaning. Always busy. Always rushing.  But there were good moments, too.  Moments where we read together, talked together, created together, and wrote together. A treasure indeed.

3 thoughts on “Monday Night Treasure

  1. That is such a great surprise to have dropped in your lap.

    Of course now I have a hankering for pumpkin pie.

    Happy purging. I know a great organizer if you need a name.

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