They say if you want to start a new habit, get a friend to join you.  Want to lose weight? Get a pet to be your workout partner.  Want to write every day?  Get your favorite seven-year-old to start a writing club.  Yes.  You read that right.  My favorite seven-year-old has decided to start a writing club and has invited me to join.  How could I say, “No,”? Why would I even want to?

Friends have encouraged me to write more.  Professional resources and colleagues challenge me to dedicate time to writing every day.  The idea always sounds good, but I’ve never agreed — except for during the month of March Slice of Life Challenge.  Yet today, my favorite seven-year-old invites me to join her writing club and I say, “Count me in!”  No way I am missing out on this! By the way, she created rules:

Policies include:
– must write daily M-F, if you can’t make this happen from time to time, as long as you explain beforehand, it’s forgiven 
– if you miss a day, you must pay a fee (small pre-determined amount to be discussed later)
– must write for a minimum of 20min
– must share your blog site address with everyone
– start date TBD
– you’re encouraged to raze other members who don’t post

While I am nervous about the possibility of losing some money, I am thrilled she is taking this seriously and excited about writing.  So here’s to my new writing community and my favorite seven-year-old who created it.  Let’s write!




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