Day 31


I did it again!  For three years in a row now, I have participated in the Slice of Life Story Challenge hosted by  Participants in the Challenge pledge to write a slice of life blog post every day for the month of March and comment on at least three other posts.  Every year I have participated, I have learned so much about myself as a writer.

The biggest a-ha for me each year is that I am a writer.  As my friend SValter said on her blog

“We don’t have to consider ourselves a writer to be one. We simply need to fill a page with the words we want to remember and the things that are important to us.”

Such wise words.

I think sometimes as teachers we have grandiose ideas of what writing is.  We want our students to become Hemmingway or Shakespeare before we will call them writers.  But they don’t have to write the next great novel or play.   They just need to fill a page with words they want to remember and the things that are important to them.

The beautiful thing is we can all be writers.  All we have to do is pick up the pen or open the laptop.  The page is waiting for us.  No one else can tell our story.  No one else shares our voice. Thank you, Beth, Betsy, Deb, Kathleen, Lanny, Lisa, Melanie and Stacey for hosting the Challenge and helping me find my voice to tell my stories.  And, thank you to all of you who have commented on my writing this month.  (It is insane how badly I craved your feedback.) Thank you for taking the time to read my words and share your reactions, thoughts, and feelings.

Woohoo!  It’s time to celebrate!



2 thoughts on “Day 31

  1. I’ve loved connecting with you through this challenge this month! It has been such a meaningful experience, and I walk away from this month feeling so much love from this writing community. 🙂 (And I am beyond honored to be mentioned here–you’ve made my day!) I hope to “see” you on Tuesdays!

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