I sat down to write my slice for today, and I couldn’t think.  All of these questions kept circling in my head.  I started and stopped several different posts.  Each time I had to stop and start something new.  The questions continued to get in my way.  I finally decided to make a post of the questions.  It reminds me of a post I did several years ago of all the questions my son asked me one morning in a period of about five minutes.  I guess now I know who he gets that behavior from.


How long will the acrid smell of burnt angel food cake stay in my house?

Will the smoke that was pouring out of the oven affect the taste of the cakes?

Why would the box say to use that size of pan when it VERY CLEARLY was not large enough?

Could I call Betty Crocker and ask them to come fumigate my house?

Are bugs going to fly in the open garage door and house door while I try to get the smoke out?

Should I just make a different dessert to go with the meal I am taking to a friend tomorrow?

What else would I make?

Do I have the stuff for Rice Krispie treats?  I can’t open the oven until it finishes its clean cycle.

What time do I have to get up tomorrow?

Do I have all the stuff I promised to bring teachers the last time I was there?

What will I wear?

What is the weather?

Do the boys have youth tomorrow night?

Can I go to bed yet?

Maybe I should delete all this and try again?

Could I write a poem?

Is there anything that sticks out from today?  Is there anything “slice worthy”?

Should I just give myself grace and go to bed?




I should.


I guess this is what being a writer is.  Writing through the blocks and sticking to it even when it’s hard. 



2 thoughts on “Questions

  1. I loved this post!!!
    I wondered what happened to your dessert… I laughed when you wanted to call Betty Crocker, and I could relate to all of the questioning …you have fabulous voice in your writing .., no matter what you write… that’s what I call talent 👍

  2. Every question allows the reader to infer what happened. Might be a good exercise for students. Your questions ping pong through your mind and out through your fingertips. I think you were right, go to bed. 🙂

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