We had been driving all day.  Scott had a fantasy league baseball draft.  Max and I set out to explore Nashville.  The hotel was supposed to be close to Music Row.  Max was anxious to see it.  We set off walking.  About two blocks in, Max decides we need to use Google Maps.  Google wants us to turn around and walk the opposite direction.  We dutifully follow her directions.  Suddenly, we are there.  On Music Row. However, it looks more like a neighborhood.  The music recording studios were in old houses.  Beautiful old houses, but old houses nonetheless.  Max tried to hide his disappointment.  We walked till we reached the end, then headed back to the hotel.

As we walked through the backside of the parking garage into our hotel lobby, a sign outside caught my eye.

“Max, did you see that sign?”

“What sign?” he responded.

I grabbed his arm and pulled him out to the front.  I pointed to the sign at the end of the block.  The opposite direction from where we had started out walking close to an hour earlier.

“It says Music Row is that way.  The way we just came from.  I told you that was it,” I insisted.

Max walked to the end of the block and looked down the street.  “Mom, that is NOT where we just came from.  It’s PAST where we just came from.”

My feet were aching in my tennis shoes.  My throat was dry.  I desperately wanted something cold.  But he was why we were here.  “Alright, let’s go see what we just saw.”

We went around the corner and the street kind of snaked around.  Construction was in progress on one side of the street.  All of a sudden I looked in front of us and said, “Oh, I think we are here now.”

It was pretty amazing looking at these huge music studios for Sony, Word, Warner, and SO many others.  Not in houses.  In fancy modern buildings.  Historic signs were everywhere, sharing the backstory of what we were seeing.  All the studios had the huge banners in front of them celebrating the songs they had produced that had been nominated for big awards.  Some of the artists we had heard of, some we had not.  We spent another hour walking and taking pictures of the REAL Music Row.

Needless to say, he was no longer disappointed.

I’m so glad I was wrong!



4 thoughts on “Walking

  1. Sounds like you created an amazing memory together–and sometimes the best family memories are from the times that didn’t go exactly as planned. What a cool experience!

  2. Sometimes Google is just not so smart. So glad you saw the sign and found the area you wanted to visit. Such joy on Max’s face! Warms mom’s heart.

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