Why are we embarrassed to ask for help?

What is it about asking for help that makes us feel weak?



When did society deem it unacceptable to ask for help?

Why did admitting you need help feel shameful?


In school, we encourage kids to ask for help.

We celebrate when kids ask for help.

We force them to ask peers for help before we address their need ourselves.


Why does it feel wrong to ask for help?

Why will I do everything I can to not to admit to needing help?

Will I ever learn that others can be blessed when I ask them for help?

When will I accept that needing help is a part of being human?



I need help.

It’s ok to ask for help when I need it.

Asking for help doesn’t make me weaker.

Asking for help makes me stronger.






5 thoughts on “Help

  1. Oh, this is such a hard one for me, too! I can talk to other people about how they need allow themselves to ask for help … and then I clam up when I’m the one in need. What IS that? How do we fight against it? I feel like this goes back to something I wrote about earlier this month, about needing to commit to taking good care of ourselves. Being able to admit needing help is part of that self-care. We aren’t superhuman. Sometimes we need help.

    (Now, if I could just make myself remember that!)

  2. This is so true! I am this person you write about! I love when my students ask for help, but am completely unable to do the same…especially with my own husband! I’m not sure when I equated weak with needing help, but I recognize that I do. It’s something that I need to get over and quick because asking for help is sometimes necessary to keep my sanity! Thanks so much for this reminder and for sharing!

  3. It really depends on the issue for me. When I don’t have the knowledge or background for something, I’m okay asking for help. Sometimes it’s just that little bit of help that makes it all clear. I never look a someone needing help as inadequate or inferior. Great start with the series of questions. It really sets the tone.

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