Ummm…Excuse Me?

I try to keep my blog positive.  I feel like everyone has enough of their own worries that they don’t need to read my blog and hear mine.  So this is your warning.  I am about to rant.  Feel free to leave now.  I completely understand.  No hard feelings.

You are still here.  Great.  Here is my issue.  Sometimes, being a mom is in conflict with being a teacher.  Today was one of those days.

Last night, my boys arrived home from their baseball game at 11:00 pm.  Dad is the coach for the school team.  Both boys went.  Both boys played.  I could not go.  I was over 3 hours away for work.  When they got home, Max asked if they could miss first and second hour because the substitute band teacher was bringing somebody in to give a concert.  I said, “Sure.”  It was 11:00.  I had been up since 4:00 am.  I wasn’t thinking too well.  I figured I was tired.  They were tired.  They could miss a concert.  We take our boys to concerts.  I was not concerned with them missing this one.

This evening my husband comes home from practice and the first words out of his mouth to me are, “Teacher told Assistant Principal, who told Athletic Director, who told the Assistant Coach, who told me that the Head Coach’s boys need to be at school on time like all the other players even when they have an away game and come home late.”

Ummmm… excuse me?  He didn’t even make the decision.  I did.  If you have a problem with a parenting decision that I make, come to me.  Don’t go to everyone and their brother.  Yes, kids need to be at school.  I am well aware.  I can quote you chapter and verse the reasons why kids need to be in school. However, the last time I checked, they were my kids.

So, was I wrong?  Maybe.  Should I have made them go?  Probably.  But the last time I checked, missing two hours of instruction will not cause my kids to be delinquents.  And, last week, their report cards were sent home.  Said kid had all A’s and one B+.

Rant over.



3 thoughts on “Ummm…Excuse Me?

  1. We had parent meetings before every sporting season. So even when my son got back to school at 2 am from an indoor track meet, skipping 6:30 am early bird drivers ed. Would have meant sitting out the next meet. No sleeping in.

    The sad part. I was the ONLY person who complained about a 15 yrs. Old freshman out until 2 at a track meet on a school night.

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