Why Spring Break?

Why Spring Break?

to get a crown,

to have a lunch date with a friend and a get her a new “do”

to go to Wal-Mart–again

to dust the house-I think I last did when I put away the Christmas tree

to clean the floors and the bathrooms-ick!

to do monthly reports

to put away my books

to plan for April

to go on our first college visit

to attack my “to read” stack

to catch up on “This Is Us”

to do endless loads of laundry

to actually make my kids breakfast before they go to school

to cheer at a double header baseball game

to attend a planning meeting about summer school
This is why spring break!




5 thoughts on “Why Spring Break?

  1. I just finished my spring break and my list looked a bit like this. I didn’t get it all finished, but I did get some of that yucky cleaning done. (I also hadn’t dusted since Christmas–and it probably won’t get done again until summer.)

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