Coaching guided reading.  That is what I was SUPPOSED to be doing.  But the two little boys on the computer were distracting me in this kindergarten classroom.  They were reading books on their computers.  They were wearing headphones.  The headphones made them talk loudly.  Their conversation captured my attention.


Boy 1:  I wish they were still alive.  Don’t you wish they were still alive?

Boy 2 continues to read his dinosaur book.  He is ignoring Boy 1, or he can’t hear him because of the headphones he is wearing.

Boy 1:  My mom says when we go up to heaven, there will be dinosaurs.

Boy 1:  Maybe they will be nice to us.  That will be so nice.  (Wistful sigh)


I. Love. Kindergarteners.SOL



6 thoughts on “Eavesdropping

  1. I just love how children can take us away from the world we are in and let us float in a world that is simple and clean…. I want to feel that every day! Thank you for writing.

  2. The notion of eavesdropping is critically important to writers. Whether I find myself in a school ,cafe or an airport, I practice the subtle art of eavesdropping. It’s where genuine dialogue exists. A Grade 1 student once told me, “My mother told me it’s rude to eavesdrop.’ I told him writers have special licence that allows them to do it.’ He looked unconvinced. Loved what your eavesdropping harvested. We would not have this little gem of a post without your important listening. Thanks Erin.

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