All in an Evening

“Sam, where’s Rosie?”

“In the backyard.”

I turn and look through the dining room window that looks out over the backyard.  A flash of white streaks across the yard with something dangling from her mouth.

“What does she have?” I ask Max and Sam.  They join me at the window,  peering down at Rosie.

“I think it’s a stick,” I say.

“No, Mom.  It’s…a SNAKE!” Max shouts.

“A SNAKE!” Sam echoes excitedly.

“Quick! Get down there and get her to come in, Sam.” I command.  We all rush down the stairs tripping over each other trying to get to Rosie, leaving the hamburgers alone cooking on the stove.

“Think about how you do this, Mom,” Max warns.  “We don’t want her bringing that snake in the house.”

We call Rosie and she runs to the side of the house with her “prize” hanging from her mouth.  I call again, and she comes bounding back to me, mouth empty.

“Get her in the house.  I’m going to go see if I can find what she had,” I call out, stepping off the deck.

I walk to the side yard looking for the snake.  I see sticks, dead leaves, more sticks, fallen branches.  No snake.  “Maybe Max was wrong,” I think.

Two hours later…

Sam bounds up the stairs.  “Is the pie ready yet?”

“Just came out.  Is Rosie still outside?” I ask.  I turn and look out the window.

Rosie runs across the yard, she is holding something in her mouth.  I get up and walk onto the upper deck that looks over the backyard.

I call out, “Rosie, what have you got now?”

She runs across the yard the other way.  She still carries something in her mouth.

Sam joins me on the deck. “Sam, go down there and see what Rosie has now.”

Max leaves his math homework and joins me on the deck looking at Rosie.

“What do you think that is?” I ask him.

Sam appears in the yard below.  He walks toward Rosie.  Rosie, thinking Sam is there to play, becomes even more excited and runs around him in circles.  As she runs, she drops what is in her mouth.  Sam walks slowly to what she has left behind.  He kicks it with the toe of his slide.

“Is it a piece of wood from the wood pile?” I call down.

Sam leans over and peers at the object more closely.  He turns it over with his foot.

“IT HAS TEETH! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!”  he screams, running as fast as he can back to the house.

Max and I laugh at Sam’s antics.  We are still laughing as he comes bounding up the stairs still screaming.

“Sam, that didn’t have teeth.  You are so crazy!” I declare.

“It did, too, Mom.  Go look.”

I step into Scott’s slides and make my way downstairs.

“Wait for me,” calls Sam.  “I’m coming, too.”

We approach the thing left in the yard.  I peer at it closely.  “20170314_200639.jpgOh, no.  I see teeth,” I think. As my eyes make their way across the object I notice that I can see the orbital bone.  A jaw.  “Oh, geez! Are those whiskers?  Ugh! How on earth am I going to pick this up?  What is this?  Where did it come from?  How long has it been dead?” Questions bombard my mind.  One thing I know for certain, I am NOT touching this!

wp-1489537368714.jpgThankfully, I am resourceful.  A pitcher has blown off the top deck from the wind and storms the past few days.  I gingerly push the “head” into the empty pitcher. Now this “head part” is resting at the bottom of the trash can. Alone. Until Rosie finds the rest of whatever this is when she goes outside.  Thankfully, I am leaving tomorrow and won’t be home till Friday.  That gives her plenty of time to find it, and the boys time to dispose of it!





4 thoughts on “All in an Evening

  1. I know I wouldn’t have handled myself as well as you did. (Nice job using dialogue to bring your story to life!)

    Last summer, my husband almost grabbed a garden snake instead of our garden hose (Apparently they looked alike). He and I were slightly freaked out so I texted my neighbor who sent her husband and son (who loves snakes) over to take care of the situation. I, of course, was pregnant and hid in the house!

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