Oreo Personality Test

OreoMonday was National Oreo Day.  (Yup, March 6.  Put it on your calendar for next year.)  I decided I would celebrate this year, so I bought a package of Double Stuf Monday night.  I ate one that night.

I ate two Tuesday night.

Tonight, I have had about 4.  I need to stop,  but I was writing a mini-curriculum unit for some teachers and curriculum writing goes better with Oreos.  (That’s a TRUE fact!)

As I was licking the middle out of my Oreo, I wondered if the way I eat Oreos said anything about my personality, so I Googled it.  And what do you know?  There is an Oreo Personality test.  I am including the link so you can see who you really are on the inside. Disclaimer:  I think the person who created this ran out of Oreos while they were writing it.  The lower you go on the list, the meaner the descriptors.


I’m curious.  How do you eat your Oreos?



6 thoughts on “Oreo Personality Test

  1. You prove the point that anything can be a writing topic. 🙂 Just for your information, as a kid I broke them apart and savored the filling, but tolerated the cookie. As an adult, I just enjoy them as a cookie, but am not a fan of the double stuff. It’s funny how tastes change.

  2. Huge fan of the Double Stuff. I take mine apart to eat one wafer without filling and then eat the second wafer with filling. For the record, I eat it filling side down.

    Funny how quirky our eating habits can be!

    Fun post!

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