There are some days in my work, where I get to go into classrooms and model balanced literacy structures for the teachers I am working with.  They are always so gracious to allow me to come in and completely disrupt their routine letting me model a structure or lesson for them.  I LOVE the modeling part of my job!

Today I had that privilege in two different fourth-grade classrooms.  I did an abbreviated reader’s workshop with the minilesson, a strategy group, and a share.  The teachers had asked wme to show them how I would teach word study, so I added an element to address that, too.  It was nothing remarkable, but the lessons did go off without a hitch.   I connected with the kids, they understood what I wanted them to do, and they were successful doing it.  The kids thought I was little crazy.  (I do tend to get a bit excited when talking about books, reading, or anything literate.)  There was some laughing.

I wrapped up the share and told the kids how much I enjoyed working with them today, and how I appreciated how hard they had worked. As I walked to the door, a little blond girl with ponytail and a Justice t-shirt approached me.

“Thank you, Mrs. Baker.  Thank you for teaching us.  It was great learning from you,” said little miss Justice.  Her eyes were sincere.  Her smile genuine.

I have thought about her all day.

I don’t need to be appreciated by society, administration, or parents.  I have the appreciation of a student.  That honor is more than enough.

2 thoughts on “Appreciation

  1. That’s the best thanks of all! I love it when I walk into the class with a teacher and someone says, “Oh good, you’re here today.” Way to go Erin!

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