I’m a planner, a lover of lists.  Saturday morning begins with sitting at the kitchen table and creating my lists:  a day list, a weekend list, a list of groceries (each store a separate list), a list of menus for the week.  EVERYTHING goes on my list:  walk, take a shower, even “make lists”.  I get this endorphin high when I cross something off my list.  There is nothing more satisfying than making a list of everything that must be accomplished and then crossing something immediately off and soon as the list making is complete.  Lists help me budget my time and get things finished.  I live by my lists.

My husband used to make fun of me and my obsession with lists.  However, he has come to accept this oddity in my personality.  He just smiles and shrugs his head when he finds my lists all around the house. And they are ALL around the house.

The magical thing about my list is what I put on my list gets accomplished.  This always happen.  It’s never NOT happened.  If it gets on the list, it gets done.  It’s how my lists work.

This is why I am so puzzled by how my week is looking.  I have a busy week this week working in schools.  I am working with 7 different sets of teachers over the next four days, ranging from kindergarten to fifth grade.  I am modeling lessons in 7 different classrooms.  I left home this morning and will not return home until late Thursday evening.  Here is what is troubling me:  I am not ready for tomorrow.  Or the day after that.  Or the day after that.  I have no idea what I am going to do with my teachers over the next three days.  I can’t seem to make a decision on what to focus our work on.  Every hour increases my anxiety.

The silver lining in this rain cloud is I have a 3-hour drive this afternoon after work.  Plenty of time to make a plan.


8 thoughts on “Lists

  1. I’m a list maker, too! The odd thing about my list making, other than the master one I have for work, is that I usually don’t go back and ever look at them. Something about just writing things down kind of cements them in my memory. I’m getting intrigued about bullet journals–been hearing a lot about them, but they feel like I’m totally stepping over to the “dark side.” Good luck with your modeling and presentations this week–I’m positive they will be fantastic!

  2. It’s funny how things unfold the way they are supposed to…no worries…if you don’t make a list…you will be totally in the present and shape things as they come. It always works out…we just aren’t as comfortable without the plan.

  3. I hope that three hour drive created some great plans for you. 🙂 I would be freaking out if I didn’t have the plan laid out. Where were your days when you began your weekend list? That would have been the top of my list. Have a great next three days. I’ll be thinking of you and wondering how it’s going.

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