My life is consumed by numbers,

And I don’t even like them.

I count the points I eat and the steps I take.

I watch the digits on the scale fluctuate.

I track the miles per day I drive.

I am aware of the numbers the bank says I have in my account.

I race the clock, constantly trying to squeeze in “one more thing”.

The number on the calendar controls my daily activities.

I track how many people have read my blog post.

I’ve memorized my 14 digit library card number because my card no longer scans.

Today, a new number entered my world.  I’ve known it was coming for days.  I guessed where I would be when it appeared.  I was about a mile off in my prediction.





3 thoughts on “Numbers

  1. We are surrounded by numbers. I’m looking at the time, seeing how many steps I’ve taken and even know how many more days are left in the school year. (A colleague has been keeping track) I love the odometer picture.

  2. I feel you. Add the data I must track at school to the list and we could exchange lives! There is something so satisfying in seeing that odometer turn over to those big numbers! Right now we are looking forward to seeing ours turn over to double that number!

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