“Last year, I got you Rosie for Valentine’s Day.  When are you going to train her?  She has you trained.”

Rosie and her lack of tricks is a conversation that keeps happening in my family.  Sure, Rosie can’t sit, get down, stay, roll over, or even come on command.  But she can hear when I pour Cheerios into my cereal bowl in the morning and come running to get hers.  She cleans out my boys’ ears with her tongue.  She licks the outside of toilet bowls.  She plays basketball and baseball with Sam.  She plays soccer.  She can tear tissues and toilet paper to shreds and decorate the carpet with the tiny pieces.  She can dig holes in the garden bed and come to the door covered with mud. She can run through the yard and collect all the prickly burrs from the yard into her fur.

Rosie has plenty of tricks.  Unfortunately, they are not the kinds of tricks my boys find amusing.  I guess it is time to start training my dog.


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