Celebrating Small

I rubbed my sweaty palms together and took a deep breath.  The office was small and cramped.  “I need this job,” I thought to myself.  “You are almost done.  Keep it up.”

“Do you consider yourself a goal-oriented person?” Stacey asked me.

“Uhhh…I don’t think so.  I mean, I just do what I am supposed to do,” I answered.

Fast forward about four months.

“Erin, glad you’re here today.  We are having a competition.  Coats are on clearance.  You need to sell 20 coats during your shift today,” Stacey said with a smile.

Fast forward six hours.

“Geez, how many coats have you sold?  You haven’t even finished your shift yet,” Stacey asked.

“Forty-six,” I replied with a grin.  “I sold 5 coats to one lady.”

“Erin, the next time somebody asks you if you are a goal-oriented person, do yourself and them a favor and say, “YES!” Stacey laughed.


That memory will forever be etched in my brain.  Before that experience, I never considered myself a goal-oriented person.  Now I make goals all the time.  The problem with my goal making is sometimes -Ha! most of the time- I set the bar really high for myself.  I believe it is good to set the bar high, but there are times when my bar setting results in unrealistic expectations.

I have a hard time focusing on the little steps.  The good choices.  The right behaviors that get me closer to my goal.  Instead, I become focused and obsessive, beating myself up for the one bad choice in the sea of good.  When I don’t meet my unrealistic goal, I become frustrated, discouraged, and want to quit.

Today I am trying to celebrate the little steps I made this week to my current goal.  I am focusing on the good choices I made.  I am choosing to accept the choices that weren’t so great and not get stuck dwelling on them.  It’s hard.  It doesn’t feel acceptable, or fair, to do this, but I’m going to choose to celebrate anyway.  Change is hard.  Life change is super hard.  Grace is good.  Small steps are wonderful.  Small steps are worth celebrating.


Thanks, Ruth, for giving me a place to celebrate.  Will you join us?




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