Be a Better Writer

I don’t normally review books, but I have to share this book!

I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Peha at the Write to Learn Conference this past February.  If you are not already aware of his website you need to check it out when you finish reading this post.  Or, pop over to this Amazon link (, buy this book, and then check out his website.


This book is full of tips to try. There are tips and techniques to help you get started. There is a chapter full of ways to have Better Ideas in your writing. An entire chapter on techniques for Better Organization. And entire chapters devoted to Better Voice, Better Words, Better Sentences, Better Punctuation –my personal favorite, and Better Fiction.

One of my absolute favorite features of this book are the charts Steve and Margot use to begin each chapter: “10 Things You Must Know Even If You Don’t Read This Chapter”. These charts are priceless! They provide you a quick synopsis of what you really need to focus on in your writing as it relates to that topic. But whatever you do, don’t just read the charts and say you are finished. Read the book! There is SO much information packed into each and every chapter. As I read, student after student came to mind. I wish I had the book in my hands when I first started teaching. It would have made a difference for so many of the writers I have taught.

This book is full of strategies, hints, ideas, tools, techniques, and great advice for any writer. It is an absolute MUST READ for any educator who wants to add more to their writing toolkit to share with students. Thank you, Steve and Margot, for making writing and teaching writing to others doable. I can’t wait for a new school year to begin so I can put this book into action!

Happy Reading!

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