Impromptu Gathering

Dinner was finished.  It was 72 outside, and the evening was calling.  Birds were taking a bath in a puddle left from last night’s storms in the yard next door. The sun was starting to set. but I still had a good hour before it went down.  I grabbed my computer and Rosie and headed outside to work on the deck.  I thought it would be nice to let her run around the yard while I finished some work.  A few minutes after we came out, Mom joined us.  Dad joined us after he finished his pie.  Kim and Dave (the neighbors) came over with their dogs (Gracie and Big).  I heard the sound of the gate opening again. I looked up to see my Aunt Becky and Uncle Fred walking through the gate.  An impromptu gathering to enjoy the weather. We all sat outside around the table on the deck–talking, laughing, and watching Big and Rosie chase each other.  Work abandoned for the moment.  Savoring the first beautiful evening as the gift it was.

Welcome back, Spring!



3 thoughts on “Impromptu Gathering

  1. The evening needed to be savored, you can work when the sun goes down. These chances don’t come along every day, at this point in the year.I wondered if Rosie traveled with you.

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