How to Not Housebreak a Puppy

4Adorable, right?  So precious!  What a face!  Cutest thing ever!  She is all that.  She is also 100% puppy!  She has the attention span of a gnat.  She thinks there is nothing better than chasing and biting her own tail.  She actually manages to hang onto her tail and “walk” across the floor.  Crazy, right?  She is also obsessed with her teeth!  I named her Rosie, but I should have named her Jaws!  She bites my fingers as I try to pet her.  She bites my heels as I walk.  She bites my nose when I lay on the floor to play with her.  Yesterday, while my hubby was sitting on the floor playing with her, she nipped his man parts. EEK! And yet, teeth are not our biggest problem.  No, our biggest problem is housebreaking!

When I knew we were getting Rosie, I made a beeline for the library.  I came home with 5 different books about how to raise/train a puppy.  I read them all from cover to cover.  I was ready!  I had a plan.  I was confident. This is not our first rodeo with a puppy either.  We got our first dog, Charlie, as a puppy.  Yet I don’t remember Charlie being like this.  Was he really this hard to train and I just forgot about how horrible it was, like parenting and the terrible sleepless nights?

Our first weekend, Rosie was doing great at going outside.  I took her out every hour.  We didn’t have accidents, go figure.  Then I went back to work.  We have tried puppy pads.  She eats those.  (Jaws, remember?)  We have put bells on the door and make her ring them when she wants out.  She is scared of the bells.  When we put her on the leash and take her out, she is more concerned with biting the leash and forgets all about going potty.  Then we go back inside and WHAM!  Guess who remembers she had to pee.

We are trying to go out the same door, use the same language, and the same routines.  And, so far,…


Aww, man!  Time to clean the carpet.  Obviously, I know how to NOT housebreak a puppy. Suggestions FOR how to to housebreak a puppy are welcome!



3 thoughts on “How to Not Housebreak a Puppy

  1. Hmmm, maybe it is something about the breed of dog. Some dogs are just so resistant to following their humans directives. That face is adorable, but this reminds me why I don’t want to have a pet right now.

  2. I have basset hounds. They are notoriously hard to train. I am certain you are giving her treats and using your high pitched voice when you say “good girl” when she goes outside. The best advice basset owners give each other is be patient and be consistent. She will get it.

  3. Our puppy is one year old now, so I had to read what happened. Oh dear. Your puppy sounds really smart. Have you read “The Art of Raising a Puppy” by the Monks of New Skete? They suggest crating the dog and taking it out at scheduled times.
    I hope the puppy learns soon. They are keeping you busy.

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