Hide and Seek


Hide and Seek

The door opens just a crack,

Her eyes focused to the floor.

She is looking for me.

The door opens more.

Her body fills the frame, her eyes scan the room.

They are searching,

Searching for me.

I sit back into the darkness of my hiding place.

She enters the room now.

I smell the scent of her in the air.

My nose twitches.

She is still searching for me,

Her eyes darting to and fro across the small room.

There are lots of good hiding places here, she will not find me.

She steps closer, leaving the door wide open.

She crouches down right in front of me now, but she still hasn’t found me.

Her hand reaches for the cabinet below the fish, trapped in their aquarium.

That was a good hiding place, once upon a time ago. Now it is blocked off with boxes and hard to get to.

My nose twitches, again.

She catches the movement in the shadows.

Her head turns,

Our eyes meet.




6 thoughts on “Hide and Seek

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  2. Oh you are so clever! It took me a couple of readings to determine who was telling this tale. I thought it odd your nose was twitching 🙂 . Loved the line by line movement!

    • I had been wanting to do a piece with a different point of view. Fran had done one during the Challenge in March about the deer that I loved. You have done them, your latest about the squirrel but I just needed the right subject. I finally found it. So glad it worked!

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