imageToday I am participating in Five minute Friday on Kate Motaung’s blog   Every Friday, she posts a word and people all over the world write for five minutes from the word.


My son Max is the perfect gift giver.  He knows how to choose the perfect gift for people.  Sam has this gift, too.  They will watch and see things and say, “This would be perfect for Grandpa.”  Or, “Dad would love these.”  And they are always right.  Their gifts are received with such joy and they are cherished.  I don’t have the “gift” to pick the perfect gift.  I struggle with identifying what a person would need or desire.  Max tells me it’s because I don’t pay attention.  He believes I just need to be more aware.  I think it’s because I don’t have the “gift” of gifting.



7 thoughts on “Gift

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  2. I’m pretty sure that we all have different love languages–and so there’s nothing wrong with not having the love language of ‘gift giving.’ 🙂 I have discovered over the years that I can develop love languages that I don’t have naturally in order to better love someone else.

  3. Dr. Gary Chapman, who wrote the 5 Languages of Love says that we all love in just these 5 simple ways – Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch – and if we meet that need for someone then they know they are loved. Knowing your gift is half the battle. I am glad you know your son’s gift. I would like to know if he likes to receive them as well. He sounds so thoughtful.

  4. I need to hire this kid to do some gift shopping. Gift shopping is truly a gift. It seems like every time I need to get a gift for somebody my mind goes blank. You can only get them the same thing so many times.

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