Got Wheels, Will Drive


Back in March, during the SOLSC 2015, I wrote about my son, Max, and how he and his father had been looking for a car. ( )

Last Wednesday evening, we contacted a seller on Craigslist and actually got a response.  (I am AMAZED at how hard it is to get people to return phone calls and emails when you contact them about something they are trying to sell, but that is a post for another time.)

The owner invited us to come and see the car that evening.  We drove across town to let Max and Scott check out the car. My job was to be the official “sniffer”.  Max was adamant he didn’t want a car that had been smoked in.  My nose is a prime sniffer.  (I must have been a bloodhound in a former life.)

The car passed the “look” test and the “sniff” test, so they ended up taking it for a test drive. When they returned, they walked up to the door of the house and made an offer.

Ta-Da!  Introducing….She!  She doesn’t have a name yet-Max is still working on that one.  We just call her She for now.


Now a week later, She has four new tires, a serpentine belt, a new catalytic converter, a new cabin filter, a new air filter, reattached molding underneath the front wheel, and a “new to him” stereo installed.  Oh, the joys of being a car owner!

Something magical happened when we bought the car–besides watching money fly out of our bank account.  The kid who couldn’t care less if he drove or not now is happy to drive ANYWHERE, as long as we take his car.

Why didn’t I realize how nice being chauffeured would be sooner?  Maybe there are benefits to watching your child stretch his wings.


2 thoughts on “Got Wheels, Will Drive

  1. Erin,
    I remember that love of having a personal chauffeur! I don’t remember the number of hours “required” for a teen driver to drive with parents but I know that we exceeded it! By the time my son did get his license, I was confident that he was a great driver because of all the miles that we had logged!

    Enjoy! Driving – a rite of passage!

  2. Congrats to Max on finding a vehicle that passed so many tests. Mike says this car was on Consumer Reports list of cars to buy for teenagers. You made me laugh visualizing money flying out of you bank account.

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