We haven’t been looking at cars in this house for about a month. Baseball season had taken every moment of our lives. The season ended last Saturday. Tonight, Craigslist came back. Scott and Max were scrolling the cars while I cooked burgers on the grill. Max has always loved the Mitsubishi Eclipse. Tonight, he met his dream girl. Cherry red, spoiler, shiny wheels, and, if that wasn’t enough, a convertible! They scrolled to read more. Everything looked perfect until…

Title:  Rebuilt

“What does that mean exactly?” I ask from the couch.

“I don’t know.  Let’s see what we find,” my husband begins the search and in moments finds a document explaining the various meanings of different title types. We learn clean means the car has not been in a major accident. Salvage means the car has been in a major accident and declared “totalled” by the insurance company. Rebuilt means the car did have a salvage title but was rebuilt. As the document explained, a rebuilt title does not necessarily mean it is a bad car. You should just have it checked out.

“No-go, Max,” Scott declares as he finishes reading.

Max is visibly disappointed at this news. He pantomimes his heart breaking into many pieces.


Fast forward about twenty minutes.  Burgers are off the grill and the family is actually sitting down to a meal together before 9 pm.

“You know that car reminds me of something,” Max proclaims.

Scott and I look up at him, waiting for him to go on.

“So we were created clean.  And then sin entered the world and totalled us.  But then Jesus came.  And He rebuilt us and made us whole and clean again. He gives us rebuilt titles. If rebuilt is good enough for us, then…”


What a beautiful and creative analogy. I am thrilled with his thinking. But the car is still, unfortunately, a “no-go”.


2 thoughts on “Rebuilt

  1. Max’s dream car will come along, someday, and it won’t be rebuilt. He had a good argument, but I’m glad you held firm in “No go.”

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