What to Do On the Day There Is No Slice


I receive daily poems from Jane Yolen.  She wrote a poem in this format this past week and I thought I would keep it in mind for that day when there is no slice.  I guess today is that day.

What To Do On the Day When There Is No Slice

Crawl from the covers and into the shower

Empty the dishwasher and reload it with the dishes from dinner the night before

Paint my face with color and whip the hairdryer through my hair

Pack grilled chicken and salad and strawberries for lunch

Drive like a mad woman down I-70 to the school of the day

Talk literacy, laugh, and learn with colleagues

Drive back down I-70 to arrive at Legion field just a few minutes past the first pitch

Cheer and encourage my Knights as they play their hearts out on the field

Scream, “Heads up!” as foul balls sail over the net

Watch the sunset leave painted colors across the sky and stars start to twinkle as the moon rises

Load my baseball boys into the car and make another trip through McDonald’s drive-thru

(No “Healthy Mom” award for me tonight)

Listen to stories of the day and replays of the game’s highlights

Laugh, smile, and feel the heartbeat settle into that comforting rhythm of home

Tuck in, say prayers, give kisses, and back rubs

Fall into bed, pull the covers up tight

Say a quick prayer of my own thanking God for this day He has given me and the people I shared it with

And dream of doing it all again tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “What to Do On the Day There Is No Slice

  1. What do you mean, a day with no slice? This is full of slices! What a day it’s been! Go to bed and get some rest so you can repeat it all again tomorrow. I love the verbs starting each line.

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